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Orange, Door

  • Postcards, T-shirts, bags and local confections by artists near Matsumoto,
    We have a selection of passions you wo n’t find anywhere else.
    Traditional “Matsumoto Daruma” and “Itabuchi” are also popular.
  • Shinshu waffle Apple cookie

    Shinshu apples used 100%
    Crispy texture and sweet and sour apple flavor
    Waffle cookie
  • Apple kuririn

    Shinshu is crispy and fragrant scent of apple made from Shinshu
    I wound up with cookie.
  • Process the buckwheat and soybeans grown with affection,
    Please enjoy the product made with a long-established confectioner and miso storehouse of castle town.
    From "Kamakuraya" to sell
    How about "Soba Kanrintou" and "Soba Soba Tea".
  • Katsuo Sembei (rice cracker)

    It is rice cracker made with dried bonito cutting.
    It is a delicious taste of the savory taste of dried bonito and slightly pungent taste.
  • Mix peanuts with rice candy boiled at high temperature,
    It is thinly extended to the limit and finished into a plate shape.
    The texture and fragrance like a crunchy cracker like
    Reputation that "I will not stop when I start eating"
  • Crush the popular item "board candy" into granules.
    When I topped with ice cream or toast, I never tasted it
    You can eat delicious with crispness and peanut flavor.
    You can try it at the breakfast venue of the Marunochi Hotel.
  • Matsumoto Daruma black bean kinako candy

    Journey to the hands-on business and trip Journal The paper cooperated with tags and produced the package.
    When chewing with crisp, the smell of mushrooms spreads in your mouth, it is a delicious candy
  • Matsumoto Daruma

    Adorable look. I can not forget when I meet once, with facial expression "Hot"
    Matsumoto Daruma with charm.
    The character of "Ooh" who entered the body, a healthy complexion with a rough skin,
    Characteristic of whiskers on eyebrows finished with bushy hair,
    It is a very rare Daruma in Japan as well
  • BAG based on cotton yarn and silk yarn inspired by the bird's nest.
    I am creating a shape with freehand sewing work.
    I feel the charm of each, such as colorful pre-dyeing and after-dyeing with persimmon stain.
    There is only one thing in the world, "Yoshino, Yashimachi]
    It is BAG.
  • "ALPSCITY COFFEE (Alps City · Coffee)" is a drip pack type coffee that can enjoy "charm of the city of Matsumoto" with coffee flavor. Because it is a drip pack coffee for each cup, just pour hot water, you can enjoy the authentic drip coffee taste.
  • Shinshu very unusual bear to appear in Shinshu.
    Even though it is a bear, it's cold, always on my head.
    Even though it is a bear, he likes traveling, and he is always backpack at his back.
    Shinshu is worth living to walk Shinshu bear without a bear and spread beasts of Shinshu bearishly to the world.
  • Matsumoto Castle has a moon view tower for moon viewing,
    It is only this Matsumoto Castle that is integrated with the Matsumoto Castle.
    Matsumoto Castle, a jet black lacquer painted with lacquer And a vermillion moon view oar became a notebook.
    Furthermore, tourist attractions representing Shinshu
    "Narai Ijuku" · "field monkey park" also appeared!
  • Founding We have been dyeing traditional crafts for more than 130 years
    Matsumoto Yuichi's dye shop "Shiraki Dye Factory" indigo dye coaster
    The delicate coloring of nature is one thing that is not the same thing
  • Indigo dye towel of "Shiraki Dyeing Factory"
    "Matsumoto Yokoro" is a centerpiece of Matsumoto Castle · family crest · Dogenic god
    Tenugu Matsumoto · Towel to design soba noodles
  • CiellindaArtStudio's original T-shirt etc.···
    Using silk screen printing technique
    Aiming at "art to wear", we develop original design.
    Would you like a unique shirt like no other?
  • "Handmade, Shibumi's BAG & Accessories
    One, one colorful BAG made carefully, accessories are
    Everything is only one in the world.
    It is stylish but reputable as cute.
  • "MATSUMOTO MARUNOUCHI HOTEL" original boulevard
    Using Kiso hinoki, with hotel logo
  • "MATSUMOTO MARUNOUCHI HOTEL" Original ballpoint pen
  • The 19th prize of the Botanical Art Exhibition sponsored by the Japan Horticultural Association
    Works of Namiko Fukasawa's Botanical Painting
  • Graphic designer "Travel Journal" by Takako Honjo
    Various designs born from Matsumoto's life are fun
  • Kami Labo. Is a paper wholesaler of Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture.
    It is a design room in "Daitoku Paper Trading Co., Ltd.".
    Under the concept of "paper + design", we are working on design and product production.
    The shop deals with "memos", "can badges" and "washcloths".
  • Matsumoto's empty gateway "Shinshu, Matsumoto Airport "
    It is the "FDA" that carries customers.
    "Aircraft model" that imitates an airplane and a cute brush shape
    How about the key chain to Shinshu air travel memories
  • Tanabata doll
    Handmade cute evening doll with watermelon motif
    How about making it with your child?
  • Paper shop notes
    Kami Labo.(Kamilabo)'Notes'.
    Souvenir to the office with a unique note.
  • Matsumoto Aoi box
    A collaboration product by Matsumoto's well-established Ame store "Yamaya Gyosho", "Shin-Hashiya Nishiki", and "Iidaya Confectionery" with a history of over 100 years.
    There is one kind of candy with peanuts to be handled at each store.
    The box design is in charge of "Kami, Labo".
    Matsumoto is a cute package decorated with Matsumoto Temari and Matsumoto Daruma.
  • Matsumoto Three-Star Star
    Matsumoto's long-established store, a fun set where you can compare and eat 3 stores.
    Raw materials are almost the same, but you can enjoy each texture and flavor by the difference of distribution and making method.
  • Brown rice snacks, brown rice
    A new encounter between Shinshu food culture and health ingredients.
    Shinshu food culture × healthy ingredients.
    The surprising combination is delicious, nostalgic, new.
    Please enjoy Shinshu's first sweets from Kurasuwa, which has a store in Suwa.
    At SHOP, please enjoy chili, walnut miso, and apple sushi.
    We have.
  • Mannenya miso set
    Zenkoji Kaido Higashimachi, also known as Zenkoji Kaido, since 1832 year (1832),
    The long-established miso shop “Mannenya ya” has continued to protect the Mannenya miso manufacturing.
    With an assortment set of two types of miso, you can enjoy the taste of Shinshu miso at home.