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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 【About hotel entrance and parking lot】

    The entrance of the hotel is in the place which went west by the Daimyocho-dori Intersection.
    Guests arriving by car for one-way Nishihori KContinue reading
  • Matsumoto stroll···

    First of all, "National Treasure Matsumoto Castle".Next, we took a walk around Nawate-dori Street and Nakacho-dori Street···Then, to the UwaContinue reading
  • About locking the hotel entrance

    After 24 o'clock, the inner door is automatically locked due to security concerns.
    Guests who have already checked in can use the key of theContinue reading
  • About breakfast

    We prepare in a banquet room of Registered Tangible Cultural Properties with pseudo-ocean architecture.
    It is a Japanese-style buffet styleContinue reading
  • On-site restaurant◆Dinner information

    For dinner you can use adjoining HARMONIE BIEN restaurant.

    From 6,000 yen per person

    ★It is reservation system.Please feel free to contacContinue reading
  • Securing space for parking lot · Notation of customer name

    The parking lot of the MATSUMOTO MARUNOUCHI HOTEL has limited space and there are limitations on the number of vehicles available. Usually, Continue reading
  • Lunch information

    Adjacent HARMONIE BIEN's 2F lunch restaurant "POUR TOUJOURS (POUR TOUJOURS)"
    Business hours are from 11:30 AM to 14: 30 PM on weekdays
    For rContinue reading

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