"Notice", August 4 (Sat) is "Matsumoto Bonban", so you can not go in and out by car from 16 o'clock to 22 o'clock
Matsumoto Castle·Sannomaru, MATSUMOTO MARUNOUCHI HOTEL
Matsumoto Castle Tempori is a 2-minute walk.The only hotel in the castle


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You could use delivery service for your luggage from Matsumoto to other hotel.
It takes one day to deliver at least, you could receive your luggage next day.(not same of departure day)
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Matsumoto Castle·Sannomaru, MATSUMOTO MARUNOUCHI HOTEL


3-5-15 major Matsumoto City Nagano prefecture

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JR Matsumoto Station 5 min. By bus · Get ​​off at Daimyocho (Kyu-Hachijuni-ginko-mae Bus Stop Express bus Kyu-Hachijuni-ginko-mae Bus Stop 1 min walk
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Seasonal information

  • The 44th Summer Festival, Matsumoto Bonbun

    Hello everyone.
    The summer festival "Matsumoto Bonban" which is the big event representing Matsumoto's summer is finally done this weekend.
    This festival, which attracts about 300 consecutive years and about 25,000 people each year,
    A variety of dancers, from children to adults, participated, and together with visitors filling the roadside
    It gets much excitement to blow away summer heat.
    Since there are traffic restrictions on that day,
    Those who come by car should follow along guidance of staff.
    Traffic regulation time, Saturday, August 4, 2018, from PM 17: 00 until PM 21: 30
  • The 31st, National Treasure Matsumoto Castle, Taiko Festival

    Hello everyone.
    There are "Taiko Festival" at National Treasure Matsumoto Castle on 28 (Sat) and 29 (Sun) this month.
    On the main stage of Honmaru garden, with the National Treasure Matsumoto Castle as background,
    You can see the performance of a drum group gathered from all over the country.
    Also we are planning to play drums at Matsumoto Station and Matsumoto Castle Otemon Masamaru Plaza Square.
    Please enjoy the hot music while firmly fixing the heat on that day.
  • Dōjō Setsuko × Emi Ishida, 2 people exhibition

    Hello everyone.
    You came in July.
    Hot day continues, but how are you getting along?
    Today is next door from the hotel next week
    I will introduce a solo exhibition gallery Neuie.
    "Dōja Setsuko × Ishida Emi, Two people exhibition "
    July 13, 2018(Money)~ 17th(fire)
    From 10:00 to 17:30 (until 17:00 on the last day)
    Created by Japanese paper and leather materials and lacquer at Tateshina noisyuso
    Daiei's lacquer corsage lease,
    The theme "One grain of stone, something that one talks about"
    You can enjoy Ishida's sand art represented by natural materials.
    Everyone please carry your feet.

Doors plus accommodation


    "Waka Resort standing at an altitude of 1050 m"

    Door hot springs in the valley of Hirakawa, the base of the mountains away from the suburbs.

    Long ago, around this area, it is said that Gods were a place to visit onsen hot springs.
    The heaven hand force male (Amano Tajikarao Nomikoto) who caught the rock in heaven also visited here,
    I felt relaxed and forgot about Iwato, it was a rocky rock of Irumayama
    It has been told.
    Take in the hot water that God might have been in, and bring the power of the door home.
  • Unryu

    "This one is a lodging surrounded by forests and streams"

    The Unryu with a rich amount of water and source of 100 liters per minute, you can enjoy a hot spring of nine kinds of nine bathtubs in 22 rooms.
    In the guest room, public bathing area, "Izu Aoishi" which became impossible to collect now is used luxuriously.
    Izu Aoishi is superior in heat retention, rare stone is said to warm up to the core of the body.
    If you immerse yourself in the sound of a mountain stream soaked in various types of bathtubs, such as Hinoki Bath, Hot Shot Hot Water, the heart and body will relax relaxedly.
    Just a distance away hospitality that is not excessive
    But you can get what you want quickly.
    "I want to relax relaxingly in a quiet inn, surrounded by nature."
    However, I want to spoil it unusually in a space wrapped only by that thought.

Door plus meal

  • Hikariyanishi · Hiagashi

    Natural Hikariya Western ~
    Since it was built in 1887, it has exceeded 100 years and has remained the form of a stucco warehouse "Hikariya".
    "Hikariya" that renovated it as a complex type restaurant.
    "Hikariya" consists of French "Nishi" and Japanese food "Higashi"
    Natural French based on Macrobiotics provided by "Nishi"

    Japanese cuisine with body and mind ~ Hikariya Hiagashi ~
    Japanese cuisine mainly made of Nagano prefecture
    A rich sweet smell of cooked rice and fire of the kettle,
    Mainstay to increase the gloss every time you use, the courtyard of the Ogawa of babbling, in the tree transmitted from the floor warmth,
    It is a shop where you can taste Japanese cuisine that is compassionate to your body and mind, centering on the materials of Nagano prefecture.
  • Bistro Hikariya

    I would like to leave the thought of 'Caflas' not in Hikariya but in this place.
    I would like everyone to feel great achievements and great achievements of Katakura's yarn.

    Inside the store that restored with such thought, furniture of the 20th century used in the bistro of Europe and
    We carefully use caflas safes, tables, doors and so on.

    Do not feel stiff and feel free to enjoy the Nostalgy · Bistro Cafe.
    It is a shop where you can taste not only food but also gorgeous sweets and relaxing wines.

    Three generations of parents to smile, to be rich feelings.
    Matsumoto to insert another new hikari.
  • Matsumoto Terra

    Delicious, healthy, beautiful

    Ton Ton Ton·Sound of kitchen knives that lightly bounces on the cutting board
    Buddha···Sound of boiling pan raising steam
    Crispy·Sound ticking freshly picked fresh vegetables

    Early in the morning, I heard it from the kitchen
    With the music my mother plays
    Good odor of drifting breakfast

    A healthy body from the kitchen
    My beautiful days are from delicious meals

    Taste things of the earth in delicious season
    To grab appreciation for the life we ​​receive
    I am chased by the busyness of my days and it seems I will forget
    Places where you can enjoy extremely common things

    It's a castle kitchen "Matsumoto Terra"

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