To make you feel at home in your room.We can arrange lunch boxes.Details will be provided at the hotel front desk.0263-35-4500

◆TRIP TIP for delivery◆
You could use delivery service for your luggage from Matsumoto to other hotel.
It takes one day to deliver at least, you could receive your luggage next day.(not same of departure day)
We hope you could make a trip easier in Japan.

Guest Room Information

  • The calm color of the center of the tea system. A comfortable Japanese bed mattress. Please feel it.

    Good linen per skin.
    amenities cherish your comfort.

    Watching movies leisurely(VOD)
    Get up a little early and take a walk around Matsumoto Castle the early morning
    (A handmade walking map is available on the "Matsumoto Burari Walk" page)
    It is also good to enjoy the night town with a long-established bar...
    How to spend your thoughts from a comfortable room ...

    Also, please pick up the staff 'handwritten'Matsumoto Information 'in hand.
    I wish you a pleasant and enjoyable stay.

Information on hotel parking≪It is the order of accommodation reservation≫

Google Map

Hotel Name

Matsumoto Castle·Sannomaru, MATSUMOTO MARUNOUCHI HOTEL


3-5-15 Ote, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture

Telephone number



JR Matsumoto Station 5 minutes by bus · Get off at Daimyocho (Kyu-Hachijuni-ginko-mae Bus Stop Express Bus Kyu-Hachijuni-ginko-mae Bus Stop walk 1 minute on foot
Information on the parking lot is here


Seasonal information

  • 【Breakfast set menu】~It will be a mixture of Japanese and Western styles (some buffets)~

    As part of measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus
    For breakfast, we offer a set menu of Japanese and Western dishes.
    In addition, you can freely choose what to drink after wearing a "mask" and "gloves".
    It is still difficult to return everything to the buffet style, but so that you can have a more enjoyable and delicious time, such as "handmade dressing", "fresh vegetables from Shinshu", "daily egg dishes", "homemade bacon", "passionate simmered dishes", etc. I am working on it every day.
  • TripAdvisor wins 2020 Travelers' Choice Award

    MATSUMOTO MARUNOUCHI HOTEL was selected as a "Traveler's Choice" for 2020.
    This is based on the customer's evaluation sent to TripAdvisor (top 10%).
    All the staff are very honored.With this encouragement, we will continue to strive daily to become a hotel where you can choose with more peace of mind.Thank you for your continued support.

Travel Division

  • 【Nagano citizens only】MYOJINKAN and Matsumoto Marunouchi Hotel 2 nights 3 days special treatment plan(Nagano Prefectural Discount applies) 

    *This plan is limited to those who live in Nagano Prefecture!
    *Continuous stay the first night MATSUMOTO MARUNOUCHI HOTEL second night MYOJINKAN

    【Travel price(Nagano Prefectural Discount applies)】
    (Per person using 1 room for 2 people)
    ◆Departs from Sunday to Thursday 33,500 yen
    ◆Friday departure      39,000 yen
    ◆Saturday departure      34,500 yen
    *However, from 3/20 to 3/31, it will be 1000 yen up.
    *What is included in the travel price 
     Accommodation and meals (MATSUMOTO MARUNOUCHI HOTEL:breakfast)(MYOJINKAN:Evening & breakfast)
     Hot spring tax (MYOJINKAN), consumption tax

    Contact us 
    Matsumoto Marunouchi Hotel 0263-35-4500

    【Period】Until departure on March 30

    *Please be sure to check the terms of use before applying

  • Travel Division Terms and Conditions

    Door Group Accommodation plan Terms and Conditions

    Please be sure to read if you are considering a special benefit plan

Burari Castle Town

  • Castle Town Matsumoto, has many attractive historical streets! Want to walk together?

    Castle Town Matsumoto, a castle Castle Town Matsumoto, is centered on a castle in the Edo period -Taisho- Showa (time period)...When
    There are 14 major streets that have flourished and transformed.
    Not only Nakamachi and Nawate, which are already popular spots,
    Please enjoy "Uwatsuchi Shopping Street" and "Uwatsuchi" that are loved and evolved by Matsumoto citizens.
    I will introduce you.

From the door group

  • Door initiatives

    As a door group
    We have created an environment so that our customers can use our services with peace of mind and our employees can concentrate on their work.We will carefully and politely confront things that may have a serious impact on the human body, such as corona infections and influenza.

Tobira Plus -Store Introduction-

  • Hikariya Nishi / Higashi

    Natural French ~ Hikariya Nishi ~
    Since it was built in 1887, it has exceeded 100 years and has remained the form of a stucco warehouse "Hikariya".
    "Hikariya" that renovated it as a complex type restaurant.
    "Hikariya" consists of French "Nishi" and Japanese food "Higashi"
    Natural French based on Macrobiotics provided by "Nishi"

    Japanese cuisine with body and mind ~ Hikariya Higashi ~
    Japanese cuisine mainly made of Nagano prefecture
    A rich sweet smell of cooked rice and fire of the kettle,
    Mainstay to increase the gloss every time you use, the courtyard of the Ogawa of babbling, in the tree transmitted from the floor warmth,
    It is a shop where you can taste Japanese cuisine that is compassionate to your body and mind, centering on the materials of Nagano prefecture.

    I would like to leave the thought of 'Kafulas' not in Hikariya but in this place.
    I would like everyone to feel great achievements and great achievements of Katakura Silk.

    Inside the store that restored with such thought, furniture of the 20th century used in the bistro of Europe and
    We carefully use Kafulas safes, tables, doors and so on.

    Do not feel stiff and feel free to enjoy the Nostalgy · Bistro Cafe.
    It is a shop where you can taste not only food but also gorgeous sweets and relaxing wines.

    Three generations of parents to smile, to be rich feelings.
    Matsumoto to insert another new hikari.

Reserve·Contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.