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Walking around Sannomaru

Former Rokuku Shopping Street

Welcome to Matsumoto Castle Sannomaru

Shops in the Sannomaru

Matsumoto Castle Sannomaru area" on the premises of Matsumoto Castle, there are a mixture of long-established stores and new stores.Matsumoto Castle Tenshu, which used to be lined with samurai residences, and as a daily passage for locals as well as customers from outside the prefecture.
  • Tadachiya

  • Kinoshita Seal Company

    Whether it in the direction of individuals and companies, is a stamp shop where people of Matsumoto City Wide outside Matsumoto City Wide not only to the Daimyocho is very indebted to.The cheerful and polite reception is very pleasant, and it is also a place where you can feel the importance of stamps again.
  • Ueda Katsuobushi Shop

    A long-established store that has been in business for over 100 years.Freshly cut bonito flakes, addictive "bonito Katsuo Sembei (rice cracker)", etc.
    It is an indispensable shop for daily meals.
  • hydrangea

    Southwest corner of Matsumoto CastleA popular cafe with handmade gelato, lunch and sweets.