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  • Mannenya Inc Daimyomachi Branch

    Founding 1832 year(1832) Long-established miso store in the castle town. Matsumoto's specialty products sales department.

    We have a variety of Matsumoto's specialty products besides pickles such as Miso bean miso made by ancient times, Nozawa Nanaki made by our company, Wasabi pickles and others.

    3-5-13 Ote, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture
    Telephone 0263 - 36 - 2512
    【Opening Hours】9: 30 - 18: 30
    【Regular holiday】 End of Year/Beginning of Year
  • Ueda Katsuobushi Shop

    100 Year after delivering freshly cut bonito flakes

    Please leave it if thing is bad.It has been 100 years since we delivered freshly cut bonito flakes.
    We are sold by weight from 50 g.We have plenty of kombu and boiled rice.
    Spicy Katsuo Sembei (rice cracker) with a bitter taste are very popular items.

    Recommended menu, Katsuo Sembei (rice cracker)
    Charge, ¥ 567 to ¥ 756 (Katsuo Sembei (rice cracker))

    3-2-18 Ote, Matsumoto City
    TEL: 0263-32-2994
    【Opening Hours】9: 00 - 18: 40
    【Regular holiday】Wednesday

    Founded in 168, it is a cosmetic specialty store that continues to propose beauty.

    We make cosmetic life brighter, fun and proposes beauty.
    Choose products that match yourself from your skin counseling and give us your advice while feeling it.
    Please use beauty salon and makeup according to special day.
    We also recommend buffing nail care that makes nails nice and healthy.

    Recommended menu:Full makeup ¥ 3,500

    3-3-4 Ote, Matsumoto City (Daimyocho-dori Street)
    TEL: 0263-32-0057
    Opening Hours: Weekdays from 10:15 to 19:00/Sunday·Holidays 10:00 to 18:30
    Closed holiday: Wednesday (We will open Wednesday from 25th of the month end to 5th of the following month)
  • Sapangji

    How about a fine bread in a hideout near the castle?

    Consumption of bread Shopkeepers who have long practiced training in Kyoto, which boasts Japan's best,
    From authentic bread such as French bread and Danish which sticks to taste and texture
    Familiar homemade bean paste anpan, original pan using Nozawa greens and Shinshu miso
    We are waiting for a wide range of products.

    Recommended menu, French bread, Danish

    Matsumoto City Major 2-8-7 Marniville 1F
    TEL: 0263-87-6002

    【Opening Hours】
    8: 00? 18:00

    【Regular holiday】
  • Shinshu Matsumoto Baumkuchen Factory Temariya

    Shinshu's Koshihikari use.Baumkuchen of rice.

    Shinshu's Koshihikari Baumkuchen specialty store that sticks to the material of Shinshu, including Shinshu's Koshihikari from Shinshu.
    We use the Baumkuchen dedicated oven and we are all baked inside the store.
    I love being in shape that I fell.
    "Minori · Awaki · Matsumoto" made with rice flour is moist moist soft baum.
    "Brown rice" using brown rice flour is a hard baum with unusual texture.
    Please drop in on a walk through Nakamachi.

    Recommended menu Pu-Pu, Mini-marin
    From the price 800 yen

    Nagano Prefecture Matsumoto City Central 2-4-15 Yuan Bldg Building
    TEL: 0263-39-5858

    【Opening Hours】
    From 10 to 18

    【Regular holiday】