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Seasonal information

  • More and more SHOP products

    Hotel SHOP, which has been well received"Orenge Door"
    This time the products are even better!
    Kiso Lacquerware, local miso set, sweets made by miso kura, etc.
    Please carry your foot once!

    One push of the staff is the sweat of the photo!
    Handmade one point thing.
    Enhanced design and functionality.
    How about wearing a room while staying at the hotel
  • French toast is back!

    【Extremely Popular】
    "French toast", which was well received by everyone,
    We're back at the breakfast buffet!
    If you are a repeater or new, please try it!
  • National Treasure Matsumoto Castle Ice Sculpture Festival in Matsumoto Castle

    This is the 34th National Treasure Matsumoto Castle Ice Sculpture Festival in Matsumoto Castle.
    The world championship will be held in two parts: the "World Championship", where players from six countries compete, and the "Pre-Event", which will be the gateway to the young ice sculptor.
    Also, this year, the legendary ice sculpture legend `` National Treasure Former Kaichi School Building ''
    Appears at in front of Matsumoto Station square.
    Come to the event to enjoy the winter of Matsumoto.

    Date and time:February 1 (Saturday)-2(Sunday)
    Location:Matsumoto Castle Park, in front of Matsumoto Station Square, Matsumoto Otemon Masugata Ruins Plaza
  • Viewing Matsumoto Castle, a national treasure

    2 minutes walk from the hotel.
    It is very popular from overseas. "Matsumoto Castle national treasure"
    The museum is closed from Sunday, December 29 to Tuesday, December 31.
    New Year, 1st (Wednesday)-3rd (Friday) from 10 am to 3:30 pm
    It will be a viewing(Last admission at 3pm)

    The Honmaru Garden is free, and the castle tower is charged.

    Normal viewing from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm(Last admission until 4:30 pm)
    Matsumoto Castle this season with a beautiful contrast to the snow-covered North Alps
    here you go,Please enjoy.

  • Ame-shi of Reiwa two years

    Kenshin Uesugi sent salt to enemy Shingen Takeda during the Warring States period
    It was the beginning of opening a salt market due to the fact that "send salt to the enemy"
    Matsumoto City New Year traditional event. "Aime city"
    Through the two days of January 11 (Saturday) and January 12 (Sunday),
    Nationwide Ame Expo spot sale, Fuku Daruma sale by children, mikoshi kneading, historical procession,
    Competition of taikoren and dancers, salt removal battle (tug of war),
    It is a new year event in Matsumoto City where many events such as the early spring lottery are held.
    Sunday, 12th from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm will be a pedestrian paradise.
  • Torch relay,A relay course Nagano prefecture.Tour Matsumoto Castle Park

    The torch departs from Fukushima Prefecture on March 26 tomorrow
    Arriving in Nagano Prefecture on April 2nd.
    On the 3rd, we will arrive at Matsumoto City via the Kiso area.
    Matsumoto City, depart from the castle entrance, and pass through the main street in front of the station and Matsumoto Castle
    Arrived at the municipal Kaichi large temporary parking lot.
    Here, a ceremony will be held to bring the torch to the next prefecture.
  • TWIN ILLUMINATION 2019 Hikari no Mori no Pageant Alps 1,000, Magic sparkle

    A festival of light held in the national North Alps Azumino Park overlooking the North Alps.
    Omachi / Matsukawa and Horikin / Hotaka
    Will be held simultaneously in the two districts.
    This year's theme is "Alps thousand magical glitter".
    Combining “500” from both districts, which was popular last year,
    A magical story directing has been added.
    Co-star with music and tailored to the story
    Illuminated in the night of the Northern Alps
    We will deliver a happy feeling.

    ◇Period/November 2, 2019(soil) ~ January 5, 2020 (Day)
    ◇Lighting time/From 16:00 to 21:00
  • Matsumoto Sunset

    Unusual in Matsumoto at the end of November
    The Northern Alps tomorrow is dyed orange.
    I accidentally cut the shutter.
    If you stay, such as from the upper floor
    A chance to meet the scenery!
  • Autumn Matsumoto is full of fun events!

    ★`` Matsumoto downtown area, Street performance "
     September 29(Day)10:30 to 18:30 (Light rain)
     Enjoy street performances performed by 34 groups of performers on 24 streets in Matsumoto City Wide
    ★"3rd, Matsumoto Marathon"
     October 6(Day)8:30 start
     A marathon where you can enjoy the atmosphere of the castle town and the scenery of the Northern Alps.
     Support 10,000 runners along the road!
    ★"16th, Shinshu·Matsumoto Soba Festival"
      October 12-14, 10:00 to 16:00, Matsumoto Castle Park and others
      A hand-made soba noodle restaurant that gathers soba restaurants from all over Japan and Nagano Prefecture.
      You can enjoy a local production city in Shinshu.
  • September 7(soil)From 19:00, The 37th National New Fireworks Competition

    One of the two biggest fireworks festivals in Nagano Prefecture.
    25 fireworks from all over the country will launch a new fireworks display with messages and music. It is the real pleasure of this tournament that the scenery of Lake Suwa changes completely for each work.

    Many people staying in Matsumoto will also go out.
    It is expected to be very crowded on the day, so we recommend early and early plans.

    September 7 (soil)※In the rain: Rain or shine

  • Recommended walking from Marunochi Hotel

    Wake up a little early and enjoy walking from the Marunochi Hotel?
    It is around 20 minutes to Matsumoto Castle boasting Japan's oldest wooden temples
    It seems that it dates back to the era in which shops and trestles like the castle were lined up
    We chose the staff recommended course, such as route, to MAP.
    It will be up soon.
    ★Osanpo MAP
    ★Restaurant MAP
    ★Shopping MAP
    ★Matsumoto castle town spring spring water tour, etc.

    If you are interested, please talk to the front desk staff!
  • Matsumoto·A major summer event "Matsumoto Bon Bon". This year will be held on Saturday, August 3!

    Participant 2 million people, that the viewer more than 200,000, Matsumoto summer of big event "Matsumoto furiously" this year will be held on August 3 (Saturday).
    This festival is also a "dance contest", and a group called "ren" gathered by volunteers such as company and elementary school classes perform dances.
    You can also see quite high level dances, as awards are given to talented teams.
    It becomes a road traffic regulation around Matsumoto Castle from Matsumoto Station, the Matsumoto City Wide between 16:00 22:00
    It is difficult to come by car.
    Please take care to visit the hotel.
  • "Shinshu Hana Festa 2019" popular now!

    In “Shinshu Hana Festa 2019”
    Under the theme of "Having a happy life surrounded by flowers and greenery from the foot of the Northern Alps,"
    The main venue, Matsumoto Wide Area Park, is decorated with pretty flowers and greenery,
    We hold a variety of events in the parks of the Alps Azumi and Karasugawa Valley green areas, which will be sub venues.
    Please come to "Shinshu Hana Festa 2019".

    ★Period★, April 25(Thursday)~ June 16(Sunday), 53 days
    ★Main venue★, Nagano Prefecture Matsumotodaira regional park
    ★Sub venue★, National Alps Azumino Park (Moat money·Hotaka area)
              Nagano Prefecture Karasugawa Valley Green Space
              National Alps Azumino Park (Omachi·Matsukawa area)

  • National Treasure Matsumoto Castle, Yozakurakai·Corridor of light of cherry blossom trees

    Hello everyone.
    The flowering declaration of Matsumoto Castle finally announced today!
    April 10-17, PM 17:30-21:00,
    "Yoto Sakurakai" will be held at Matsumoto Castle Honmaru Garden.
    In addition, "Sakura Namiki Hikari no Corridor" where cherry blossom trees in the Matsuri Matsumoto Castle moat area are lit up
    It will take place from 18:30 PM to 21:00 PM (Friday and Saturday until 22:00).
    Please go out!
  • Guidance on implementation of power failure annual inspection

    Hello everyone.
    March 5 (Tuesday), from 11: 30 am to around 14: 00 PM
    We will carry out annual power outage of power outage.
    During this time, the whole building blackout.
    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to you during your stay.
    We appreciate your cooperation.
  • Spring is right there

    Hello everyone.
    The cold has also relaxed during the day.
    We are preparing to welcome people taking college entrance examinations.
    Please be careful while you are on the day.

  • Valentine Market

    Hello everyone.
    It is Valentine soon.
    On February 11th there is "Valentine Market" at HARMONIE BIEN.
    12:00 to 17:00
    Many booths exhibited on the day,
    You can enjoy workshops and demonstrations.
    Everyone please go out.
  • Please try the warmth of the traditional Shinshu ①, "Mu-nokka"

    Shinshu Azumino production of rice bran, rice, salt has entered, environmentally friendly Cairo "Nukkapokka".
    By warming for 2 or 3 minutes in a microwave oven, gentle warmth continues,
    There is a slightly cooked scent.
    It is on sale at Hotel Shop "Orenge, door".
    Also we are currently offering free rental.
    Please feel free to ask the front desk.
  • Ice Sculpture Festival in Matsumoto Castle 2019

    Hello everyone.It snowed this summer for the first time in a long time.
    This weekend "Ice Sculpture Festival in Matsumoto Castle" is scheduled in Matsumoto.

    January 26, 2019(soil)~ 27th (Day)
    in front of Matsumoto Station square, Ice image work exhibition, 1/24, From 18:00 to 24:00 (plans)
    Matsumoto Castle Park, Pre event, Ice image production, 1/25, From 18:00 to 24:00 (plans)
         Championship, Ice image production, 1/26, 17: 00 to 1/27, 5:00

    In addition to the ice carving contest, there are Japanese drum performances and lottery · jumbo slides of ice and
    Ice sculpture demonstration etc are scheduled, too.
    Everyone, please go out with warm clothes!

  • Matsumoto Ameichi

    A cold day continues.
    Matsumoto this weekend there is "Ame city."
    January 12·The 13th, From AM 10:00 to PM 16:00
    On that day, various candies of various places in Japan lined up "nationwide candy expo exhibition and spot sale"
    "Uchigusa Battle" which carries out a tug of war divided into Uesugi Army and Takeda Army,
    "The era queue" and "the competition of taiko series etc." are scheduled.
     ※On Sunday 13th (Sun) from 10:30 AM to around 15:30 PM
       There are traffic restrictions by pedestrian heaven.
       Those who come by car, please follow along guidance of staff.
    Please go out with warm clothes!
  • National Treasure Matsumoto Castle"New Year celebration"

    I wish to express my gratitude to the New Year.
    We will be able to provide services that will make you more familiar this year
    I will continue to encourage all of the staff.

    National Treasure Matsumoto Castle, from January 3 (Thur) 10:00 to 15:00
    "New Year celebration ceremony" will be held.
    On the day the Honmaru Garden will be open free. (Paying to climb the tower is charged)
    First striking of the old castle drum, winged and coma handwheel competition,
    Alps horn performances etc are scheduled.
    Everyone please carry your feet.
  • Matsumoto Hikari's Pageant

    Hello everyone.
    How is your schedule for Christmas this year?
    Illumination has begun on Daimyocho-dori Street.
    PM 17: 00 ~ 22: 00, around late February

    While walking along the linden tree lined with gentle light,
    Please go to Matsumoto Castle that was lighted up.
  • Orange, Door

    Hello everyone.
    it's getting cold.
    MATSUMOTO MARUNOUCHI HOTEL, we recently opened the shop "Orange, Door".
    Art selected by the staff by Matsumoto's artists and BAG,
    We serve local sweets etc.
    The location of the shop is opposite the hotel entrance.
    (Left towards Matsumoto Castle at the signal of Daimyocho,
    However, because it is a one-way street, people coming by car please enter from Nishi-hori street side)
    Please drop in by all means.
  • HP limited "plan with Christmas dinner" is popular

    【24th December only】
    Why do not you spend Christmas in the hotel?

    *Christmas dinner from 19:30
    ◆Shinshu miso grill of Bhutan blanc◆Shinshu salmon and rice, seasonal vegetables Terrine
    ◆Poire of foie gras◆Onion Gratin Soup◆Muniel with cod and milt
    ◆Braised cheek meat red wine stewed part brick wrapper◆Bread◆Special dessert◆Coffee or tea

    *Late check out 12:00, OK
  • Matsumoto Yama FC "J2 victory·J1 promotion commemoration parade "

    Hello everyone.
    An event is scheduled this weekend to commemorate Matsumoto Yama FC's J2 victory / J1 promotion.

    December 9, 2018 (Day)
    "J2 victory·J1 promotion commemoration parade ", From 10:30 to 11:00 (plans)
      Matsumoto City main street(Trust every Media Garden)~ National Treasure Matsumoto Castle
      Players, directors, and staff will perform a parade through an open bus.
    ※On the day, there are traffic restrictions from 10:00 AM to around 12:00 AM.
    Those who come by car should follow the guidance of staff.

    "J2 victory·J1 promotion meeting meeting ", From 11:30 to 12:30 (plans)
      National Treasure Matsumoto Castle Honmaru Garden, at

    Matsumoto Castle Park, Matsumoto Castle Ote Gate Masugata Site Square, Coffee Yamaga at three venues
    J2 victory · J1 promotion commemoration goods will be on sale.

    Everyone, please go out with warm clothes.
  • Finally start! We are plan to use SWEET WORK,!

    We were able to plan great deal with "limited privilege" for HP only!

    Tickets available for 2 hours "SWEET WORK" located 5 minutes on foot from the hotel
    (Valid from am9: 00 to pm 19: 00 / check-in date through check-out date)
     Amazing! Sweet bread is free for coffee and juice!

    SWEET WORK is a co-working space with a bakery and a cafe located in a rich natural location of Shinshu Matsumoto.

    Please use it for walking around the business!


    Hello everyone.
    It began to feel the signs of autumn.
    Today I will show you a nice space on Nawate-dori Street.
    A long-established bakery shop SWEET called 3F, "SWEET, WORK"
    There is a co-working space with a bakery and a cafe.
    Here, everyone can freely use it as a working space.
    Opening Hours: Weekdays from 9 to 19, Holidays: Saturday·Sunday·Holidays and New Year's Holiday
    Various plan are prepared according to your style, such as easy drop-in and day members who are comfortable for business use.
    If you are interested in this creative workspace where people and people, companies and companies are newly connected, please come and see.
    Contact: 0263-35-2253
  • Daimyocho curry was born!

    HARMONIE BIEN new menu was born in HARMONIE BIEN!
    "Daimyocho Curry"
    Real curry stewed boheme thoroughly
    There is also curry on a monthly basis.
    Seafood curry this month
    You can enjoy salads and drinks free in an hour buffet style.
    When walking down castle town!
  • Shopping area Film Festival

    A short film contest on the theme of a shopping street was held on Saturday, November 24,
    It will be held in every trusted media garden.
    In this film festival on the theme of "shopping street", the producer will discover the charm of the city that the shopkeeper did not notice by visiting the shopping district through the video, and at the screening the audience and the producer are in the town I will visit.I wonder if there are also people who want to see scenes and shops going out there by watching the screening work.
    The entry deadline for the work is October 21, 24: 00.
  • Shinshu·Matsumoto Soba Festival

    Hello everyone.You came in October.
    Matsumoto will hold "Shinshu - Matsumoto Soba Festival" this weekend (10/6 - 8).
    During the period Nagano prefecture inside and outside buckwheat lobby groups and soba is gathered.
    On the day, besides eating hand-side soba,
    An event such as a famous match of soba noodles is planned.
    On 7th and 8th, AM Daimecho Daimyocho-dori Street becomes pedestrian heaven from AM 10: 00 to 16: 00.
    Those who come by car should follow the guidance of staff.
  • Taiko Festival (drum festival)

    Hello everyone.
    There are "Taiko Festival (drum festival)" at National Treasure Matsumoto Castle on 28th Saturday and 29th Sunday of the month.
    Honmaru Garden the main stage of the Honmaru Garden, with the National Treasure Matsumoto Castle as background,
    You can see the performance of a drum group gathered from all over the country.
    Also we are planning to play drums at in front of Matsumoto Station and Matsumoto Castle Ote Gate Masugata Site Square.
    Please enjoy the hot music while firmly fixing the heat on that day.
  • Setsuko Doya and Emi Ishida , Collaborated Exhibition

    Hello everyone.
    You came in July.
    Hot day continues, but how are you getting along?
    Today is next door from the hotel next week
    Gallery NOYIE will introduce a solo exhibition Gallery NOYIE.
    "Setsuko Doya and Emi Ishida , Collaborated Exhibition"
    July 13, 2018(Money)~ 17th(fire)
    From 10:00 to 17:30 (until 17:00 on the last day)
    Created by Japanese paper and leather materials and lacquerware at Tateshina
    Ms. Doya lacquer Corsage of the wreath,
    The theme "One grain of stone, something that one talks about"
    You can enjoy Ms. Ishida sand art represented by natural materials.
    Everyone please carry your feet.