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Outing from Matsumoto

~Staff Recommended Tourist Spots~

~ Hakuba Area ~ 1 hour 30 minutes from Matsumoto City

  • It is located in the northwest part of Nagano prefecture and has an area of ​​about 189 square kilometers.Omachi City on the south side, Otarimura the north, and Nagano City and Ogawa Village east.Fossa Magna runs in the center of the major fault zone, the water flowing abundantly from the Hakuba Mountain Range becomes a river, and it is an alluvial fan formed by it. Known as Japan foremost ski resort, in 1998 the Nagano Olympics · Paralympic Games were also held. The climate is a relatively cool climate throughout the year, as well as winter, the lush green season from spring to autumn is also an attractive area.
  • Activity experience in nature

    Not to mention winter sports, green season full of green
    Outdoor experience.
    Rafting and canoeing where you can feel the pure water nearby,
    Hot air balloon experience and paragliding which you can enjoy large panorama from the ground are recommended!
    You can experience the natural richness of the Hakuba area on North Alps foothill with your skin.
    Advance reservation is necessary.
    Since start times and periods are different from each other, please check out HP etc!
  • After getting tired, refresh your body!

    After playing with plenty of body, relax and go relaxing leisurely at the hot spring.
    Hakuba Happo Onsen is said to be "a Bijin-no-yu spring" in an alkaline simple hot Hakuba Happo Onsen,
    Ancient hot water that turns brown by touching the air, Hakuba Shio-no-Michi Onsen etc.
    Sprinkling quality and effectiveness also vary.
    It is fun to find a favorite hot spring.
    Also, because there are hot spring common bathing tickets that can be purchased at tourist office or gas station in village
    This is great deals if you visit a hot spring! (1 book 2,000 yen)

~ Kamikochi / Norikura area ~ 1 hour 30 minutes from Matsumoto City

  • Kamikochi is located at the foot of a mountainous area with an altitude of 1,500 m and is a typical scenic spot of Chubu Mountain park.It is blessed with the natural environment such as the mountains of the Hotaka Mountain Range hoping from Kappa Bridge, the flow of a restricted Azusagawa River, and is also designated as a special scenic spot / special natural treasure.The landscape and environment created by original nature and topography are masterpieces, and you can feel the magnificent and delicate nature in your skin.
    Norikura area is located at the foot of the Norikura Dake Norikura Dake and the east of Norikura Dake Norikura Dake, where the peaks of 232 peaks are on the side of the sword peak and the altitude is 1,200 meters to 1,800 meters.
    It is a plateau resort area filled with plentiful natural attractions such as virgin forests, ponds, wetlands and waterfalls.
    Kamikochi and Norikura area have introduced the regulation of cars from the viewpoint of nature protection.
  • Enjoy various nature for each season

    Norikura Kogen with various facial expressions for each season.
    The altitude difference from the plateau to the summit is 2,000 meters.
    Because it has a variety of natural environments, you can enjoy different faces throughout the year.
    "Daisetsuki" which can enjoy skiing in the spring and summer from late April to August, from mid-May to late April
    "Around the dockyard pond", which is one of the most famous Mizubasho in Japan,
    "Ushidome Pond" is impressive that "Sakasa Norikura Norikura Dake" can be overlooked, "Sakasa Norikura" appears on the water surface.
    The Alpine dragonfly and salamander inhabits in the pond and is said to be a relic of the Ice Age
    White flower "Mitsugashiwa" is also crowded.
    Furthermore, the autumn leaves seen from the "Norikura Echo Line" passing through Japan's highest altitude point
    The snow wall is worth a visit.
  • After a lot of walking I will take a breath at the cafe.

    Enjoy elegantly blissful time · · ·.
    When walking a lot and getting tired, how about refreshing with sweet desserts and coffee?
    There are characteristics such as a cafe with a calm classical atmosphere and a shop in a casual atmosphere
    Both relax and relax.
    It is also recommended to find your own favorite cafe.
    Also, please enjoy 'Kappa Baki' which takes Kappa as a motif while taking out.
    Since you can choose from three different types of kappa type baked with dirty dough
    It is OK to share and eat it.

~ Azumino area ~ 1 hour 30 minutes from Matsumoto City

  • Located near the center of Nagano prefecture.
    In the western part is a mountainous region with Chubu Sangaku National Park where the majestic North Alps mountain range rises, and the eastern part is a flat fan where Azusagawa River, Karasugawa others merge into the Saigawa, which originated from the North Alps.
    Mountains of the charm of the area of the child is North Alps that can be found in Jonen Dake and front, pristine Yumizu溢Ru wasabi fields and lush countryside of the landscape.
    It is a region with a different face every season and a landscape that can be said to be the original landscape of Japan.
    It is said that Yasunari Kawabata, Yasushi Inoue, Kaii Higashiyama praised its beauty, and also became the stage of NHK continuous TV novel "Ohisama" in Heisei 2011 (2011).
  • Please enjoy horseback riding experience in peaceful nature.

    Horseback riding experience in idyllic countryside
    Why do not you come in contact with a horse in the clear air behind the magnificent view of the North Alps?
    Even the first time is OK! From the course staff will draw the reins for beginners
    Elegant lessons for advanced people, ingenuity has been devised so that everyone can enjoy themselves easily.
    Children are okay. In parent and child if up to 3 years of age there is also a course that can be riding together.
    There is also equipment rental so you do not need to prepare.
    Also in the Fureai corner, which is also set up within the area, experiencing fellow feeding on horse directly.
  • Around the museum in the forest

    Explore the museum in the forest
    There are 19 different museums and museums in the Azumino area, all of which are called "Azumino Art Line" (50 km from Azumino City to Hakuba).
    It is extremely rare that there are so many museums in this range.
    Not only works exhibited in individual facilities but also the landscape surrounding the facility itself
    It is also a feature that being an art.
    Enjoy the relaxing time with a characteristic museum along with the wonderful countryside of Azumino.
    Why do not you spend it.

~ Utsukushigahara and Tateshina area ~ 1 hour 30 minutes from Matsumoto City

  • Utsukushigahara Kogen is located at the northernmost of the Yatsugatake Chugoku Highlands National Park, Nagano Prefecture's largest, at an elevation of 2,034 meters.Utsukushigahara Kogen a flat plateau of the mountain, led by "Ogato" of Utsukushigahara Kogen highest peak, Matsumoto City, Ueda City, in the area across the Nagawamachi, Ogahana, Mt Chausu, Mt Ushibuse, Shikajoyama, elevation, including Takeshi Peak 2 It is a part spreading around 000 meters.
    Utsukushigahara Kogen is said to be "Alps Observatory", and it can hope for a large panorama of North Alps, Southern Alps, Chuo Alps, Mt Fuji, more than 400 species plains.It is also a place where alpine plants bloom.
  • Refreshing highland drive Venus Line

    Leisurely Takahara Drive
    It is 76 kilometers highland panorama road connecting Chino City to Utsukushigahara Kogen museum
    "Venus Line".
    The average altitude is 1,400 meters and the highest point is 1,920 meters of Utsukushigahara Kogen.
    "Kirigamine Kogen" which has "Kirigamine Shitsugen Shokubutsu Gunraku" also designated as a natural monument of the country.
    "Tateshina Kogen" has a quiet and relaxing spa area, and there are plenty of charm.
    Clear air overlooking the mountains of the magnificent Alps
    Why do not you enjoy the nature that changes colors and shapes every season.
  • Around the sake brewery on fireworks, Suwa area abundant events

    Suwa area full of events
    Utsukushigahara I extended my foot a bit and went to the Suwa area.
    In summer it is known for the famous "Suwa Lake Festival, Hakodate Fireworks Festival" which is famous throughout the country.
    It is also called "town of sake", and there are five liquor stores within 500 meters
    You can also enjoy stamp rally around the liquor store.(Coupon ticket sold at each warehouse is necessary)
    Why do not you try discovering your favorite alcohol by walking around 5 stores.
    In addition, popular drinking walking events are also held every spring and autumn.
    (Schedule and details of the event are confirmed)

~ Shiojiri · Kiso area ~ About 1 hour 30 minutes from Matsumoto City

  • Located on the southern side of the Matsumoto Basin, you can see the mountains of the North Alps, Hachimori Mountain Range, High Botch Plateau, Chuo Alps.
    There are also diving Gombe Pass such as Shiojiri Pass, Zenchidori Pass, Torii Pass, and Gombe Pass Torii Pass, a historical area surrounded by clean water and rich greenery.Even in the hub where traffic between the Pacific Ocean side and the Japan Sea side intersects, highway and highway
    It is also a branch point through which the general national highway, the JR Chuo Higashi Line, the west line, Shinonoi Line passes.
    There are also many historical heritages including historic sites, there are many tangible and intangible cultural properties with 18 important cultural properties designated by the country, 11 cases designated by the prefecture, 60 items designated by the city.
  • Domestic wine of the world level

    Speaking of Shiojiri, vineyards and wineries.
    Starts from where it was planted seedlings of grapes in Meiji (time period) (1890),
    Technical research on tranquil grape cultivation and enthusiasm for quality improvement are recognized in the present world
    It has created a Shiojiri as a producer of wine.
    In addition, "Nagano prefecture nomenclature nomenclature management system" which certifies the high quality as Nagano prefecture wine
    Many Shiojiri Wine have been certified in.
    Events around the winery are held, and it has gained popularity.
    (Schedule of the event, confirm the information site for details)
  • Tour of the hostel where history is felt

    Relaxing lodging place touring around town
    Since the road has been prospering as a key hub of traffic that the road intersects for a long time, inside Nakasendo 67 shopping area
    "Shiojiri Juku", "Semba Juku", "Niekawa Juku", "Narai Ijuku" are five, "Gobara Juku" on the Zenkoji Kaido
    There is Sanshu Kaido "Onojuku".
    Among them, "Narai Ijuku" is known as a town of lacquer ware because the scenery at that time is often left
    Together with Kiso Paizawa is designated as a "heavy traditional building preservation area".
    In addition, Kiso Lacquerware has become a traditional handicraft product, and in the winning medal of the Winter Olympic Nagano Games
    Kiso Lacquerware was used.